• New iphone 6 / 6 + / and galaxy s5 phone cases to be released

    Like the ethos Ethos V, these new cases have the sleek finish and crisp quality you've come to know and expect. The new cutout improves signal strength and adds a element of style to every edge of your phone. Slated for release at the end of July. Take your iphone6 ,iphone 6+, or galaxy s5 to the next level. Got questions? Hit us up at

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  • Carbon Fiber Notebook

    Awhile back we had a couple of carbon fiber flats laying around and decided to try our hand at a carbon fiber notebook to see how it would end up. The spiraling is a little rough and it is very much a prototype... The ability to travel light and protect your notes in a durable book is more than useful. We plan to shoot updates as we move forward. Like what you see... have thoughts or comments on the carbon fiber notebook? Hit us up at 

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  • Carbon Fiber Belt Buckles

    Wanted to put up a blog post of a project we tried last year. Simple concept... carbon fiber cut out and placed into a aluminum billet buckle. After getting these first two cnc cut we then power coated a series of belt buckles several colors to making the carbon fiber "pop". What do you think? Give us your thoughts on carbon fiber belt buckles at: We would love to hear from you!

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